Analysis of emotions

In order to better understand non-declarative consumer behaviour and perception of given brand or communication, we analyse their emotional attitudes.

Using our proprietary method developed based on years of experience, we check what emotions are evoked by a given brand , product or advertisement. Such research also checks theconsistency of emotions (brand versus communication) and compares them against competition.

The analysis of emotions enables in-depth understanding of how the brand is perceived by consumers and to undertake actions in order to make the right business decisions.

Analysis of response time

An analysis of response time enables research of actual attitudes and not only declarations. We analyse not only responses but also response times, which allows for measuring the certainty of a given attitude.

  • Identifying significant differences between the given responses
  • The shorter the response time, the more certain the opinion
  • Quick and easy way of conducting the research
  • Recommendations based on behaviour

Behavioural economics

Behavioural economics enables us to better understand human behaviour, which includes irrational nuances unlike previous models typically relied on by researchers and marketers.

  • We have two ways of thinking: System 1, which is intuitive and emotional, and System 2, which is more deliberate, reasonable and requires more effort
  • We use anchors, shortcuts and rules for making decisions
  • We are prone to a lot of cognitive errors, such as loss aversion, availability heuristic, and herd behaviour.



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